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New Energy Labels on Home Appliances

New Energy Labels on Home Appliances


The energy label informs users which electrical appliances consume less light, promoting energy savings and protecting the environment. This label has been changing over the years due to technological advances, in fact, its last modification took place in March of this year. Know how to understand it.


What is the energy class?


The energy label is a symbol that is attached to appliances to inform about their efficiency in terms of consumption. This way, users will be able to know which devices require less energy to work and, therefore, contribute to the protection of the environment.


This symbol, regulated by European regulations, began to be used in 1995. Since then, its format has been changing in line with technological advances, having been updated at the beginning of the year.


The new energy classification is intended to be more understandable than the current one, simplifying the classification of appliances. On the other hand, it should be noted that the new energy class will be implemented in a group of products and, progressively, will be incorporated in other household appliances.


Which electrical appliances must carry the energy rating label?


This symbol is mandatory and must be visible on appliances such as:


Air conditioning
water heaters
freezer chests
light sources
Washing machines
Clothes dryer
Televisions and screens


The energy label classifies appliances according to their efficiency, based on a scale of letters and colors. The categorization is different from the current energy labels that started being used last March.


How do you read the classification of current energy labels?


This label is composed of a scale of letters ranging from A to D. The letter A represents maximum efficiency and D the minimum. Also, within class A, there are three categories: A +++, A ++ and A +.


Therefore, electrical appliances are organized as follows:


A +++, A ++ and A +: high level of efficiency. They are represented by the color green.
A, B: moderate consumption. They are linked to yellow and orange colors respectively.
C, D: high consumption. Shown in dark orange and red.


How do you read the new energy classification?


The new tags will rank devices on a scale from A to G (most efficient to least efficient), appearing as new E, F and G categories.


In addition to the letters, other types of changes will be established:


Class A is reserved for future technologies that achieve greater efficiency. Therefore, there will be no devices classified in this category.


A +++, A ++ and A + disappear. Devices that were previously classified as A +++ go into category B and so on progressively, so the limits are tighter.


The new classification must include a QR code that will provide additional information about the device in question.


It is important to know that the classification will be incorporated gradually, and therefore, in a first phase it will only be mandatory in these electrical appliances:


Washing machines
Televisions and screens


People who choose appliances with a high degree of efficiency will be able to save more on electricity bills.


What information should the new energy classification include?


The energy label must not only include the degree of efficiency of an appliance, but it must also provide information of interest that allows users to select the most suitable appliance.


Required data:


Make and model of the device
Annual light consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh)
The type of device
Noise generated by the device in decibels (dB), classified on a scale A, B, C and D.


Source: https://selectra.pt/



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